The volume and quality of available learning resources about a framework can also help you understand how smooth your experience will be when working with it. NativeScript offers various plugins and pre-built app templates, eliminating the need for third-party solutions. NativeScript allows developers to easily access native Android and iOS APIs. Compiled bindings in Xamarin.Forms improve data binding performance.

kotlin application development

There’s no need to introduce any new programming languages to your mobile codebase to make your app cross-platform. Kotlin syntax follows the same concepts used for iOS development and is easy for iOS developers to learn. Kotlin is a statically typed, cross-platform, general-purpose programming language for JVM developed by JetBrains. This is a language with type inference and fully interoperable with Java. Kotlin is concise and expressive programming as it reduces the boilerplate code. Since Google I/O 2019, Android development has been Kotlin-first.

Multiplatform libraries

Kotlin Data Classes – We often create classes to hold some data in them. In such classes, some standard functions are often derivable from the data. Developing cross-platform mobile applications, see Get started with Kotlin Multiplatform for Android and iOS. Many startups and Fortune 500 companies have already developed Android applications using Kotlin, see the list on the Google website for Android developers. The Ionic framework uses the Cordova and Capacitor plugins to provide access to device’s built-in features, such as the camera, flashlight, GPS, and audio recorder.

kotlin application development

It generates no-arg constructors for any class annotated with @Entity, @MappedSuperclass or @Embeddable. Spring Kotlin support is documented in the Spring Framework and Spring Boot reference documentation. If you need help, search or ask questions with the spring and kotlin tags on StackOverflow or come discuss in the #spring channel of Kotlin Slack. Depending on how crucial the user interface is for your future app, you may need to know how easily you can customize the UI using a particular framework.

Kotlin for Android

Help is never far away — consult extensive community resources or ask the Kotlin team directly. If you’re new to Android and want to learn to create applications with Kotlin, check out this Udacity course. Use a wide set of multiplatform libraries to implement the required business logic only once in the shared module. If you have an existing Android application and want to make it cross-platform, complete the Make your Android application work on iOS tutorial. Here you’ll learn how to develop and improve your cross-platform mobile application using Kotlin Multiplatform. To start from scratch, create a basic JVM application with the IntelliJ IDEA project wizard.

This tutorial shows you how to build efficiently a sample blog application by combining the power of Spring Boot and Kotlin. NativeScript is based on well-known web technologies like JavaScript and Angular, which is why many developers choose this framework. Nevertheless, it’s usually used by small companies and startups. With Xamarin.Forms, developers can utilize platform-specific UI elements to achieve a consistent look for their apps across different operating systems. Kotlin has great support and many contributors in its fast-growing global community. Enjoy the benefits of a rich ecosystem with a wide range of community libraries.

The expertise of your team

It allows inheriting the features from an existing class to a new class. Kotlin Higher-Order Functions – Kotlin functions can be stored in variables and data structures, passed as arguments to, and returned from other higher-order functions. Kotlin Inline functions – Interesting inline keyword which ultimately requests the compiler to not allocate memory and simply copy the inlined code of that function at the calling place. Kotlin when expression – when it replaces the switch operator of other languages like Java. Android development, read Google’s documentation for developing Android apps with Kotlin. Apps built with Kotlin are 20% less likely to crash based on Google’s internal data.

kotlin application development

Today, we’ll walk you through a tutorial on how to build an Android app using Kotlin. It’s a new tool in the toolbox as opposed to replacing the toolbox. Kotlin Class and Objects – Class and Objects are the basic concepts of an object-oriented programming language.

Procedural programming style

In Kotlin, to derive a new class from a base class type, the base class needs to be explicitly marked as “open”. This is in contrast to most object-oriented languages such as Java where classes are open by default. Sharing code between JVM and JavaScript platforms feature was newly added to this release (multiplatform programming is by now a beta feature upgraded from “experimental”). A full-stack demo has been made with the new Kotlin/JS Gradle Plugin. With Android Studio, you can test applications either on an emulator or directly on the device. Kotlin is becoming the preferred option by app developers, and Google has even announced that Kotlin is the language of choice.

kotlin application development

In February 2012, JetBrains open sourced the project under the Apache 2 license. Kotlin is used for cross-platform development, being flexible and allowing you to choose your programming style. If you have a good handle on Kotlin basics, a good next step is Educative’s course Modern Android App Development with what is Kotlin Kotlin. In this course, you’ll take a hands-on, project-based approach to learning Android development by building a travel blog application. Now that we have taken a look at the more awesome parts to Android Studio, let’s learn about some of the programming languages you will encounter as an Android Developer.

Kudos to New Kotlin Multiplatform Content Creators!

Compiling the sources – in this step, you translate the code you’ve just written into JVM bytecode. Tool window opens, where you can review the output and interact with the program. IntelliJ IDEA allows you to run applications right from the editor. You don’t need to worry about the technical aspect because IntelliJ IDEA automatically does all the necessary preparations behind the scenes. Place the caret inside the parentheses of the println statement and type “Hello, $”. Press Ctrl+Space to invoke code completion and select the name variable from the list.

  • Released by Google in 2017, Flutter is a popular framework for building mobile, web, and desktop apps from a single codebase.
  • Compiling the sources – in this step, you translate the code you’ve just written into JVM bytecode.
  • The choice of framework largely depends on your particular project and your goals, as well as other specifics that we will cover at the end of the article.
  • Sharing code between JVM and JavaScript platforms feature was newly added to this release (multiplatform programming is by now a beta feature upgraded from “experimental”).
  • Explore the possibility to hire a dedicated R&D team that helps your company to scale product development.

Kotlin is seamlessly integrated with the Android Studio and many companies are moving the entire code base from Java to Kotlin. Asynchronous tasks are seamlessly implemented in Kotlin using coroutines. So here’s the complete guide to learn Kotlin, specifically for Android Application Development. An open-source UI software framework, React Native was developed in by Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook. It’s based on Facebook’s JavaScript library React and allows developers to build natively rendered cross-platform mobile apps.


Kotlin variable declarations and parameter lists have the data type come after the variable name , similar to Ada, BASIC, Pascal, TypeScript and Rust. A 2D picture of the Kotlin mascotA 3D picture of the Kotlin mascotIn July 2011, JetBrains unveiled Project Kotlin, a new language for the JVM, which had been under development for a year. JetBrains lead Dmitry Jemerov said that most languages did not have the features they were looking for, with the exception of Scala. However, he cited the slow compilation time of Scala as a deficiency. One of the stated goals of Kotlin is to compile as quickly as Java.

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