The information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers. When the body breaks down protein you eat, it can use the amino acids to rebuild damaged cells and create neurotransmitters in the brain that help regulate drug cravings. Omega-3 fatty acids have numerous health benefits, including supporting healthy brain and heart function, decreasing inflammation, and reducing symptoms of depression. And eating a healthy and balanced diet will naturally include many of these nutrients.

It is known that eating requirement values can vary substantially because of several factors, which include genetic polymorphisms, obesity, total energy intake, exercise, and age [41,42,43,44,45,46,47]. Several research articles have linked alcohol-mediated oxidative stress and ethanol-inducible CYP2E1 with oxidative stress and their toxicity, both in in vitro and in vivo models. In effect, new pathophysiological focuses that could be used against ALD have been described using in vitro studies [29,30]. Nonetheless, hepatocytes’ antioxidant defense can counteract this damage through enzymatic as well as nonenzymatic mechanisms [31,32,33,34,35,36]. Recent clinical trials have examined the efficacy of numerous antioxidants, including S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) and vitamin E.

What vitamins do you need when you quit drinking?

Alcohol can affect the balance of calcium in the body, which is critical for strong bones. In order to prevent osteoporosis, a disease that affects bone density and causes bones to become more fragile, an individual may supplement with calcium and vitamin D to prevent this. Alcohol withdrawal refers to the signs and symptoms that occur when an individual who drinks heavily and regularly either decreases their alcohol intake or stops it altogether. These symptoms can range from mild to severe, depending on the quantity of alcohol consumed and how often an individual drinks. Vitamins from a nutrient-dense diet are definitely preferred, but there are also other supplement vitamins for those in recovery that have shown to help with treatment and recovery. Calcium is also extremely important to muscle contractions and neurotransmitter release, and calcium deficiency could result in memory loss.

Is vitamin B12 good for alcoholics?

What is Cobalamin? Cobalamin, or vitamin B12, is a critical part of a safe and effective alcohol withdrawal regimen. Cobalamin is a coenzyme molecule important in the many biochemical reactions required for the production of DNA, RNA, neurotransmitters, neuron cell myelin, and cell division.

Researchers have concluded that chronic vitamin D deficiency is an environmental factor contributing to drug use. And supplementation should be considered for the effective treatment of drug abuse and addiction (51-54). And even if you don’t struggle with addiction, these nutrients are still great for optimal brain function and mental health.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies Caused by Alcohol Abuse

Protein is naturally occurring in many foods and is made up of building blocks called amino acids. Foods such as citrus fruits, bell pepper, strawberries, tomatoes, and potatoes are all high in vitamin C. Alcohol-induced liver damage, extracellular matrix changes, and inflammation have all been linked to acetaldehyde [26,27].

  • Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant.
  • My own bio-repair process involved a three-month intensive period of supplementation, nutrients from A to Z in therapeutic doses recommended by the doctors whose work I’ve studied.

A doctor may recommend taking supplements to help them through the detoxification process. Alcohol provides calories, but not the rest of what a body needs to keep going. It can also strip the body of vitamins and nutrients that are ingested. This is why, at Safe Harbor Recovery Center in Portsmouth, Virginia, we place a high degree of emphasis on proper nutrition during recovery.

Nutritional Deficiencies Associated with Alcoholism

I discovered that quality supplements can significantly alleviate alcohol withdrawal. Years ago, I had alcohol cravings that were so bad that I wondered if they would be a permanent part of my life. Vitamin B1 (thiamin) and vitamin B2 (riboflavin) support cell health by processing nutrients and converting carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into usable energy. Alcohol withdrawal vitamins are those vitamins that are thought to reduce the severity of alcohol symptoms. Long-term alcohol use can cause vitamin A levels to fall in the liver, the primary organ that breaks down alcohol and stores vitamin A. This occurs as both substances use similar pathways in the body to metabolize them.

  • Research shows that opioid users have lower levels of zinc (72-75).
  • It is routine to administer thiamine to anyone withdrawing from alcohol to prevent this disease.
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  • The timeline of detoxification varies between individuals and depends on the duration and extent of their drinking behavior.
  • And other research shows that long-term vitamin C deficiency contributes to nervousness and emotional instability.
  • At Nao Medical, we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals recovering from alcoholism.
  • It can be tempting to regard alcohol and drug addiction primarily as behavioral issues, but it’s important to remember that there are many physical aspects involved as well.

Organization and order are in direct contrast to the lives that those suffering from addiction lead when they’re actively using. Having a structured and organized schedule to stick to can help ease the uncertainty of everyday life. As much as we wish this was not true, people can’t change unless they want to. It eases inflammation and protects the thin layer that surrounds your brain cells, called the cell membrane. Canola, olive, safflower, sesame, and sunflower oils are good sources of healthy fats.

What is Protracted Withdrawal?

In a related article, I share why these are the best vitamins and minerals for alcohol detox as well as some signs of deficiency. Whether you’ve just quit drinking or you’re struggling with symptoms of PAWS, this list of supplements and vitamins for alcohol withdrawal can seriously change your life for the better. Through independent research, I have identified a number of supplements for alcohol detox and withdrawal that actually work to relieve these symptoms. Please consult a physician before exceeding the daily dose of these B vitamins for the management of alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

vitamins for recovering alcoholics

Consult with a healthcare professional to determine if you need additional supplementation. Alcoholism is a complex disorder that requires a comprehensive treatment plan, including therapy, support groups, and lifestyle changes. However, incorporating the right vitamins and supplements into your routine can support your recovery process and improve overall health. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, have been shown to have numerous health benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving brain function, and supporting heart health.

Nutritional Deficiencies Caused by Alcohol

A buildup of amino acids can cause negative effects such as brain damage. You can generally avoid this risk by forgoing supplements and focusing on supplying amino acids through varied protein-rich foods such as meat, eggs, beans, tofu, and quinoa. When detoxing, the body will deplete its reserves for several nutrients and need extra nutritional support. Be sure to talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet or taking any supplements, as they might not be right for your situation. For example, many alcoholics have a vitamin A deficiency, but we’re not putting it on this list. Too much vitamin A in an alcoholic’s body can cause fibrosis in the liver (a buildup of scar tissue).

The majority of people who try to quit drinking by themselves will fall back into old habits. There are many resources that offer help, and it’s crucial to find one that suits your needs. If your goal is to begin an empowering, holistic adventure to start living your best life beyond alcohol, check out Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0. Learn more about the role of benzodiazepines for alcohol withdrawal. Our center employs addiction professionals who deliver these services with care and expertise. We provide you the tools you need to achieve abstinence and sustain long-lasting sobriety and wellness.

Besides correcting some nutritional deficiencies, one might ask what does B12 do? The vitamin shots most often are used or requested because they may boost energy and impart a sense of well-being. Injection side effects aren’t too common; for a benzyl alcohol sensitivity, a rash or redness may result. In those cases, it may be better to administer the vitamins in another way, such as by pills, through the nose, etc.

Can I take B complex after alcohol?

So it's helpful to take a B-complex supplement before drinking for hangover prevention, as well as when you come home, or first thing the next day to replenish lost Bs from drinking beer ot any other alcoholic beverages. B vitamins are effective at replenishing nutrients lost as a result of heavy or binge drinking.

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