The creatives behind the Jingles & Commercial Music Production House, Mutive Studio, is none other than a team of passionate & experienced Jingles Writer, Composer, Commercial Music Producer and the likes. Here is their story with Mitsubishi Triton “Gulai Ikan Termenung”.

The ad conveys the heartwarming message that the Mitsubishi Triton is not just a vehicle, but a trusted companion that accompanies and empowers adventurers on their quests. This “Gulai Ikan Termenung” video showcases the moments of introspection and reminiscence that the Triton brings to the lives of its owners, making it more than just a means of transportation, but a source of cherished memories and unforgettable experiences.

Mutive Studio is truly privileged to have been selected to be the audio production house for this adventure.

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