The creatives behind the Jingles & Commercial Music Production House, Mutive Studio, is none other than a team of passionate & experienced Jingles Writer, Composer, Commercial Music Producer and the likes. Here is their story with Sharp PCI Educational Video.

The Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Educational Video is an informative and engaging visual resource that provides a comprehensive overview of the innovative Plasmacluster Ion technology developed by Sharp. The video, presented in a clear and accessible manner, aims to educate viewers about the science behind Plasmacluster ions and their numerous benefits for indoor air quality.

The video begins with an introduction to the concept of indoor air pollution and its potential health risks, setting the stage for the importance of improving indoor air quality. It then delves into the science of Plasmacluster ions, explaining how these positive and negative ions are generated by Sharp’s proprietary technology and work together to effectively neutralize harmful airborne particles such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, and odors.

The video features vivid animations and visual demonstrations that showcase the mechanism of action of Plasmacluster ions, illustrating how they attach to airborne particles and deactivate them by breaking down their protein structure. The educational content is backed by scientific evidence and research studies, providing credibility to the information presented.

Mutive Studio is truly privileged to have been selected to participate in the making of this animation as the audio production house.

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