The creatives behind the latest Jingles & Commercial Music Production House, Mutive Studio, is none other than a team of passionate & experienced Jingles Writer, Composer, Commercial Music Producer and the likes. Here is their story with Herbalife CNY 2021.

This Herbalife CNY web video was created in 2020 amidst the ongoing pandemic It brought us some warmth & joy during the 2021 Chinese New Year while the country was under a lockdown with no open celebration allowed.

The story starts with grandpa getting a unexpected message from one of his many sons, stating that they can’t make it home for the CNY reunion dinner this year.

Seeing a disappointed grandpa, Ah Boy springs into action to help a delivery man who is lost in the neighbourhood, knowing that it is a surprise package sent by Uncle Roger for grandpa. Ah Boy imagines himself as a super-agent and gears up for the mission.

The camera then cuts to Ah Boy’s point of view, where we can see Ah Boy’s high tech glasses calculating the fastest route to reach his target, the delivery man.

Throughout his “mission”, Ah Boy can be seen adhering to SOP with his mask on and even checks the delivery guy’s temperature before leading him to his house. On opening the box, grandpa is pleasantly surprised to see an unusual CNY gift! A HERBALIFE health package sent by Uncle Roger?

Eager to surprise his grandpa even more, Ah Boy switches on the TV connected to a “Zoom” like meet. Uncle Roger from UK can be seen appearing live inside the screen, followed by multiple screens popping up with other family members, and friends, joining the live stream.

Grandpa, in amazement, is also feeling relieved to see everyone is safe and sound. The scene continues to show them enjoying a lou sang toss together.

Mutive Studio has yet again produced a brilliant jingle writing and commercial music production to tell the story. Starting with an emotional tone, building into an intense mission style music bridge & closing with a nice wholesome soothing CNY festive mood.

With the video emphasising on the values of CNY & keeping our love ones safe during a time like this, we have helped make this video one of the three most favourite Malaysian CNY web videos in 2021. Hopefully one day when the pandemic is all over, we will not take “face to face celebrations” for granted again.

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